Monday, 19 November 2012


It is very important for us to take part as a school in general monitoring and evaluation activities at different levels: school, national or international.

E.1. The evaluation process.

We consider very important the evaluation process. Self-evaluation comes first; we complete self-assessment documents for students and teachers , but also we consider external reviews.
This time we asked a training teacher that came to our school a personal analysis about our ELOS project.

Itziar's analysis

We have other sources for self-analysis, like next quetionnaire we do to students once they took part on a Comenius project:

Questionnaire on Comenius

Or this other one for ELOS students:

The purpose of this procedure is to get feedback through the answers students have regarding Elos project. This way we are giving students the opportunity to comment on the education they receive and to us to do the necessary modifications in response to their comments.

Above are the results of the questionnaires:


E.2. To take part in a Quality Review.

 We completed this Blog with relevant information for the Quality Review.

Antigua Luberri Blog 

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