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We think that exchanges programs are really educative activities for the students, because they can learn things that usually are out of bounds in formal education. They get an immersion in another country's culture, not only they learn the language but also about different food, habits and even ways to understand life.
So we try to get involved in as many international exchange activities with schools abroad as is it possible.

D.1 In contact with European parters

We organize every year at least exchanges with two steady international partner schools. We have contacts with Wilson Hospital School from Ireland and Emile Zola Lycée from France. Before and after the exchange Students maintain contact via internet with their partners. We use social networks or e-mails for that. When in Comenius we used the provided learning electronic environment of Twinspace to develop the project.


D.2. Our Group School Exchanges

We love to travel and to have new experiences, so our favorite activity is the foreign exchange. Students and teachers participate in Exchange activities with the partner schools; we stay with our partners host family while we visit them, and we host them in our families when they come to visit us. We like the experience of visiting interesting places, working together, trying different food, making new Friends!!

Here is a blog about our 2013 Students Exchanges:

Our partner school in Ireland's web page

Our exchanges

Exchange with Mullingard (Ireland)

Our vist to Minden (Germany)

  • Last Years exchanges had been with Germany, we had a Comenius project and here it is the final result:

European and International Sustainability

D.3. Our personal school exchanges

We also have students involved in individual exchange programs. They can follow part of their study programme in France, and they receive credit for the work completed abroad, in this case we have an agreement with Emile Zola School in Chateaudun. 

  • Three of our students made an exchange with Emile Zola school in Chateaudun (France)

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