Wednesday, 28 November 2012


We are building our school's internal capacity to achieve ELOS goals.

C.1. Our school management supports Elos among the teachers

Headship in the school supports the Elos Coordinator and Team and encourages other staff members to participate in Elos.
An example of an intranet letter sent by the Headmaster team encouraging teachers to take part in a exchange and a Comenius project.

Free hours for ELOS
Batzorde pedagogiko acts

C.2. Teachers involved in Elos.

The evidence provided may include a testimony of the persons as mentioned above.

Teacher's Videos

C.3 Elos is a regular item on the agenda of our meetings.

The evidence provided includes agenda of meetings of the Elos-team

ELOS Meetings Minute

C.4. We are backed by the School Management

The school management facilitates the coordination of the project, its development and implementation, as discussed with the Elos Coordinator (such as time for the coordination activities, attending Elos events abroad, EIO teacher training, materials, etc.).

C.5. Our plans for teacher's training

The School's headship plans specific training courses to pay attention to the needs of teachers (with regard to EIO). They can be related to specific subject or to general knowledge level.

Other courses will be oriented to the improvement on foreign language knowledge (as required for their involvement in international education projects). Like the ones offered by the Basque Government Education Department     GARATU

Another area it is the ICT.
Here it is the course of 9 hours on the use of Digital blackboards organized at the school by the school management and taught by IƱigo.
A popular course as you can see!

Digital blackboard course for teachers.

We also organize courses for parents
French Course for student's parents

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