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We are striving towards embedding the Elos goals in the school curriculum and in the school policy to ensure coherence and sustainability.

B.1. Elos in the school

Elos is present in the school material such as school policy documents and information material for parents and students.

An example (in Basque)

In the school we have a noticeboard for news and activities related to Elos
                                                                           ELOS TXOKOA 

B.2. Programme of special EIO activities in our school

We participate yearly in international contests, we contact with foreign  institutions, we do take part in the European language day and in the day of Europe celebrations. We try to offer those activities to different age groups and classes.

  • The first activity we present is a blog on Minority languages in Europe. We made it for the European Day of Languages. We prepared some presentations and a questionnaire on te subject, for the diffusion we sent e-mails to different minority schools in order to have varied answers to the questionnaire. Then we shared some of our presentations with other students levels of our school.

Here it is the link to the Blog :

Minority language Blog

  • As we said we work with NGO 'Emaus' in a workshop on 'fair trade'. The central subject is a project in India, 'Tara' project, as the main point we have an interview by skype with one of the people in charge of the organization in India. To finish the workshop we had a contest of short videos about faitr trade. If you want to know more about it, here it is a more detailed account on the subject:

Tara Project

We will take part in the CIVIS contest where we have been preparing school activities for the Day of Europe on 9th May.

Some activities on the subject:

B.3 Discussion of the CFEC and EIO objectives.

Teachers discussed CFEC and EIO, to allow students’ progression at school. The European and international dimension is always in our mind, it is always on my were always on my mind!

The evidence provided may include a brief report or minutes of a meeting in which this was discussed.
Batzorde Pedagogiko acts.
Batzorde Pedagogiko dokumentoa.
Klaustro Meetings acts

B.4. Recognizing student's achievements

We recognize students’ achievements with respect to European and International Orientation. The multilingual studies are recognize.

Another official certificate they receive.

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