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We are Antigua Luberri and we are an ELOS school!

Antigua-Luberri BHI" is a state secondary school in San Sebastian in the Basque Country. Donostia (our city's Basque name) is a coastal town set in the north of the Iberian peninsula in the Bay of Biscay. The city has a population of about 180,000 inhabitants.

In our school, there are 835 students and 100 teachers. We cover compulsory Secondary Education (12-16 years old) and post- compulsory education (16-18 years old), both in Arts and Sciences. We also have education for students with special needs (16-20 years old).

Our Linguistic policy is centered in our native language, Basque. It is a School where Basque is our everyday language and Spanish is taught as a subject. But all our students are bilingual; Spanish is strongly rooted.

But we are not just bilingual, we are polyglot! 

We have English as the first foreign language and French comes as the second one, we carry out a multilingual optional project where 12-16 year old students can choose two subjects in French and another group of 16-18 year old students who can choose to study 20 % of the curriculum in English.

Since the beginning of the century... we have developed the former Lingua and Comenius projects in bilateral and multilateral student exchanges with schools from Germany, France, Norway, Ireland...
We are also working in different projects: ELOS European network, Agenda21, Basque Language normalization, ICT Premia project...
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 Here it is a presentation on our school:

Antigua Luberri an Elos School

We are an ELOS school and we are proud of it! Their link

 ELOS Educatication Streching borders

Here you have some of the subjects we work on:

A. Education Process and Learning Environment

B. School curriculum and policy

C. Staff competence and institutional capacity

D. International cooperation

E. Quality assessment

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